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act-E website launched

A historical day for act-E. The official information website is launched for interested educators that want to have a first impression on how act-E can help to benefit from structured curriculum information.

By: Tom Broens / March 26, 2021act-E flagship is launched


In 2015 we started with the design and development of act-E to solve our own problem. Then, it was very hard to gain insights in our curriculum based on the unstructured information in the study guide, rosters, and often outdated and incomplete documents and spreadsheets. The current third iteration of act-E helps us in managing our aligned curriculum. In the past years it helped us in facilitating our accreditation, perform curriculum maintenance and support a full redesign of our bachelor Medische Informatiekunde. Currently it is used on a daily basis by our teachers, students and many other stakeholders in the Faculty of Medicine of the AUMC/UvA.

Growing interest

As these things go, the possible usefulness of act-E spread and the number of interested educational programs grew. Many demonstrations later, more than 50 educational programs from multiple higher education institutions are using act-E. We believe act-E is very beneficial for managing, designing and accrediting high quality educational programs and we are very happy to help these programs in realizing their goals. This website and blog provide more information for interested parties in act-E as a first stepping stone into structured curriculum design.


As we teach many technical subjects, amongst others web programing, we like share information on the used technology! This information website is build using the following technology stack:

  • Reactivity by Vue.js
  • Static rendered site using Nuxt
  • Blog powered by Nuxt/Content
  • Scroll magic using Vue Scrollto
  • Icons from FontAwesome
  • Styling using SASS and the incredible awesome CSS-framework Tailwindcss

The used technology and design of the act-E platform itself differs from the ones used in this information website. In a later blog post, we will describe the technology stack of act-E in more detail.

Unravel your curriculum

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